How to Kill Negativity in Comments? Apparently, You Just Need to Smile :-)

Neil visited Israel last week for a Content Marketing Hackathon where he shared some of his best practices for growing revenue through content, including a particularly useful advice to bloggers on how to take criticism 


Neil Patel co-founder of software companies Crazy Egg and KISSMetrics, angel investor and one of the top 10 online marketers operating today conducted a content marketing hackathon in Herzliya last week. After giving a successful talk at the Growth Hacking Israel Conference in July last year, Neil was invited by software company NetworkMoney to share his first hand experience and strategies with some of the best marketers in the industry. Among the topics discussed were advanced blogging strategies, ways of creating content to drive organic traffic, the blogger toolkit and overall digital marketing outreach practices. The event was sponsored by bizzabo, SimilarWeb and more.

We took the opportunity to ask Neil a few questions about blogging, working with Israeli companies and try to understand his formula for online marketing success.

Neil as a prolific blogger what are your 3 best tips for bloggers?

First, keep in mind that you’re writing to people, whether it’s B2B, B2C or any other business. So create content that teaches, that people will say ‘wow, I can get something from this post and actually implement it’. Also, be consistently awesome and always try to step up your game and push your own boundaries. Most importantly, keep a conversational tone, write as if you were talking to somebody,

Here is something many bloggers struggle with: How to respond to negative comments?

Negative comments don’t bother me, they come with the territory and I welcome any kind of criticism. With ‘bad’ comments my advice is to to always kill negativity with kindness, so when someone leaves you a comment ‘your post sucks’ and you respond with ‘I’m sorry you feel this way, if you have any feedback on how I can improve I’d appreciate that’, not only did you manage to neutralise their negativity but you also won that person over by looking up for their educated advice.

What blogs are you currently managing?

I am the voice of KissMetrics, Crazy Egg, my personal QuickSprout blog and a blog that deals with nutrition called Nutritional Resource. The nutrition blog started out as an experiment for one of my clients to see how fast I can attract readers and as it turned out to be successful, I’m going forward with this as I’ve always been a fan of healthy lifestyle.

Neil, have you had a unique life story that can account for your success at such an early age?

Like many entrepreneurs I was an immigrant, grew up in Kent London and then moved to California when I was two years old. My mom was a business woman and she taught me the basics. Growing up we didn’t have enough money so at a very early age I turned to the Internet to see if I could make some money out of it. I’m now living in Navada Las Vegas from where I run the operations of my companies.

Are there any Israeli companies you are working with at the moment? How are israeli companies different from their American peers?

I’ve been in touch with several Israeli companies, some of which I can’t disclose at the moment. I’m working with 888 where the employees are very passionate about the company, they’d literally live and die for the company. I’ve seen that in the States but not in that magnitude. The Israelis are very forward thinking, they try to stay ahead of the market and educate their employees and it shows in their loyalty and commitment to the company.


How do you see Israeli tech in the coming few years?
Israeli entrepreneurs are smart. I believe we’ll see a lot more innovative tech in Israel within the coming 5 years. As always, it’s been a pleasure to visit Israel and I’m looking forward to coming here again. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to visit my site. I always respond!




CGS Tower Networks Announces Availability of Market’s Highest Density Tower Tap 400G

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CGS Tower Networks LTD, the engineering driven company and a leading provider of solutions to support and empower next generation networks, today announces the availability of its boundary-breaking Tower Tap MTP™ 400G, the first access monitoring solution on the market to support the 400G milestone. Tower Tap uses 4th generation technology designed and built with advanced engineering, to provide unprecedented capabilities and advantages.

The new Tower Tap MTP™ 400G speeds up to 400G and is 100-percent passive. The advanced rack mount ability to fit 20 Tower TAP MTP™ Taps in a 1U panel, along with support for 1G, 10G, 40G, 100G and now 400G implementations, represents a leap forward in value and cost-savings.

“I am very excited to announce the availability of our 400G Tower Tap MTP™ to our partners and customers,” said Shlomo Gurfinkel, President and CEO of CGS Towers Networks. “This solution is not only first to market, but it also has unique capabilities that improve the monitoring and security functions of our solution partners.”

Tower Tap uses 4th generation technology with the lowest insertion loss and ultra-low latency that comes with a variety of types to support 1G to 400G, SM and MM network deployments.

“Latency optimized devices are critical in today’s high performance trading environments,” Gurfinkel said. “Fractions of seconds can mean millions of dollars and CGS ultra low latency Taps are designed to transport data with the lowest latency offered on the market today.”

A critical security resource, The Tower Tap family is designed with integrated laser shutter for safety and compliance. Placed on network links, the Taps require no power and maintain permanent access ports without introducing a point of failure or disrupting other network connections. Tower Tap delivers Simplex, Full-Duplex, and Bi-Directional monitoring around the clock with zero impact on network traffic. Isolated from external access, the Tower Tap eliminates exposure to remote attacks.

Visit CGS Tower Network at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress #MWC15 at Hall 2 Stand 2D50.

About CGS Tower Networks

CGS Tower Networks develops and manufacturers best of breed networking solutions to support and empower non-interrupted operation of recording, instrumentation, monitoring, compliance and security tools. An engineering driven company, CGS Tower Networks designs products that are made with love of technology and attention to performance and quality. Using cutting-edge technology, we enable mission critical applications and offer competitive advantages. Visit

About Tower Tap

The Tower Tap™ family is a 4th generation passive Network Tap solution, designed to meet the highest performance, scalability and quality requirements of networks. Up to 240 1G-400G (SM and MM) Taps are supported for a single 1RU chassis.


How an Israeli startup’s video pitch rose to the top of Indiegogo

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Photo Credit: Sensibo


Israeli startup Sensibo’s video pitch ranked #1 on Indiegogo’s Five Funniest Pitch Videos of 2014, outranking a Will Farrell-starred pitch. Here, I speak with their CEO and the creative director behind their widely successful campaign

Ever wondered what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign, or a Kickstarter or Indiegogo video go viral? If you’re into crowdfunding, you may have come across Israeli startup Sensibo. Its video pitch ranked #1 on Indiegogo’s Five Funniest Pitch Videos of 2014, outranking a Will Farrell-starred pitch, and enjoying massive media coverage since launch

Israeli startup Sensibo’s video pitch ranked #1 on Indiegogo’s Five Funniest Pitch Videos of 2014, outranking a Will Farrell-starred pitch. Here, I speak with their CEO and the creative director behind their widely successful campaign

Israel-Flag-SmallIsrael Ravit Greitser4 days ago
Ever wondered what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign, or a Kickstarter or Indiegogo video go viral? If you’re into crowdfunding, you may have come across Israeli startup Sensibo. Its video pitch ranked #1 on Indiegogo’s Five Funniest Pitch Videos of 2014, outranking a Will Farrell-starred pitch, and enjoying massive media coverage since launch.

Sensibo automates air climate control with intelligent Nest-like features and used Indiegogo to raise money for their first mass production. The video manages to turn an outdated product – AC remote control – into a new IoT device that is transforming how we control our homes. The best part is it manages to be funny when it’s least expected.

Whether it’s Internet of Things, lifestyle or even social tech, it seems like every other campaigner I talk to mentions Sensibo as a video they resonate with.

Sensibo has just begun shipping this month, and so I took the opportunity to chat with Omer Enbar, Sensibo’s CEO and co-founder and Yaniv Tross, the creative director behind their video and CEO of Tross Creative House for Tech, to hear more about their cool factor – literally.

Omer, Sensibo recently won Indigogo’s funniest pitch video award for 2014. Did you plan it to be funny at the beginning or was that something that evolved while working on the video?

Omer Enbar: While we discussed having all kinds of styles for our video, we were convinced that going cocky funny is the best way to go. We’ve worked with the superb Yaniv Tross as we knew Tross tends to go for the funny. Shooting the video was awesome and for those of you who haven’t recognized the slick lead actor, it’s Michael Harpaz from the legendary Hi 5 band from the ’90s who is himself cooler than an air conditioner.

Did you create a lot of buzz before the launch? Socialized it heavily?

Enbar: We threw a big party on the day we officially launched the campaign but we didn’t invest heavily in the pre-launch and looking back I wouldn’t do otherwise. I believe it’s better to devote all your resources to bring people to the campaign when it’s live. You just have to make sure to get it going fast when it launches.

Yaniv Tross: IMO pre-launch is critical. Successful pre-launch is directly tied with a successful launch. Not every product is as self-sustainably cool as Sensibo’s. After all, the product is the key factor here. Pre-launch is important mainly because it’s the 48 hours and the first week that determine how successful your campaign is going to be. You want to be top trending on the Indiegogo platform, that’s worth the most money. Lately we were doing a video for a company that had 3,000 people registered on the site for pre-orders before the campaign even started and indeed they passed their stretch goal pretty fast.

A Roller-Coaster Ride

‘Emotional roller-coaster’ is how many campaigners describe their campaign experience in their Reached-Our-Goal updates. Both Enbar and Tross highlight the importance of careful preparation and knowing what you want to achieve.

What do you consider the main benefits of a crowdfunding campaign?

I would say opt for a crowdfunding campaign if you want to.

Validate your idea. Developing a consumer hardware product is a hard and long process. Using crowdfunding, we were able to validate whether people were actually excited about our product, so we wouldn’t waste our time and money in developing something that nobody wants.

Get pre-orders. Getting pre-orders gets you money to cover the expenses for the manufacturing. It’s not nearly enough to cover the expenses of the startup or the R&D, but when you actually have to pay for the manufacturing, you got it covered. It’s a real issue in hardware when you don’t have pre-orders because you have to pay for the stock and it might take six months before you recover the money. With hardware products, you need big pockets and crowdfunding helps you bridge this period.

Generate Buzz. Crowdfunding creates a lot of buzz, so you get distributors and potential partners from all over the world contacting you and it sure helps.

What are the most effective marketing tools that you have been using alongside the campaign?

Enbar: Blonde2.0 was our PR agency and what promoted us the most were articles in Fast Company, The Verge, and two promotional newsletters from Indiegogo itself. What didn’t work was Indiegogo’s Referral Contest Program that looked promising but didn’t yield much for us.

Throughout the campaign did you change or add anything based on feedback, turn of events?

Enbar: Definitely. We changed the names of the perks we offered and cancelled on perks that weren’t popular. We tried adding a Thank You contribution which didn’t work so we removed it, we added the press articles to the campaign page and a video of one of the team members demonstrate the use of our product, and naturally added a stretch goal after we’d reached our initial $70,000 (as of time of reporting, they have reached $170,047 in funding).

Tross: I asked Omer whether Sensibo had developed an alternative strategy in case the campaign didn’t turn out successful. “We discussed it, but it’s a waste of resources to plan for failure.” You can’t argue with success.

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